Our Clients

On this page is a sampling of clients, past and present, served by NDT-CGI. We would love to add your name to the list!

Holt Cat NDT Level III Provider, Training, Procedures
ArcelorMittal 40 hour UT course and procedure review and approval.
Integrity Specialists Provide NDT Level III Services
Apex Inspections Provide NDT Level III Services
Merrimac Industries 40 hour RT course for small electronics.
OECS, St. Vincent 32 hour PT course for aircraft.


Baghdad, Iraq

Online "Introduction to NDT" course via GoToMeeting for petrochemical and power plant engineers in Iraq.
Sabre Tubular Structures 80 hour UT course in accordance with AWS D1.1.  Revise NDT procedures to latest editions of AWS D1.1.
LSI Level III CARE services, training, qualification and certification services.
Goodrich Wheel and Brake Training course in various NDT methods.

Southern University at Shreveport, Lousiana

Establish NDT training capabilities by providing NDT training materials, NDT training for instructors who will teach NDT, recommend equipment and provide ongoing Level III support.

Bodycote Materials Testing

Provide Level II UT personnel for immersion testing project in Sweden

Provide support for establishing immersion UT operation in Houston, TX including writing NDT and QA procedure and training personnel.

International Quality Consultants NDE Level III support at a Nuclear power plant.

McKinney Machine Shop
Ft. Worth, TX

MT course

Great Lakes Airlines
Cheyenne, WY

Level III CARE services, course in ET, UT, MT and PT.  NDT and quality procedures.

Danco Inspection
Oklahoma City, OK

MT and PT refresher course and certification exams. Qualification and certification program and NDT procedures.

Cal Valves
Escanaba, Michigan

UT and ET course

Merrimac Industries

Radiographic Testing Course, Certification of Level III

Goodrich, Alabama Service Center

Magnetic Particle Course, Liquid Penetrant Course, Conductivity Course and Hardness Testing Course.

Baker Hughes

Liquid Penetrant Course

United States Coast Guard

40 hour Introduction to NDT course.

Bluegrass NDI, LLC.
Lexington, Kentucky

Eddy current training course, procedures, NDT qualification program

J Core Drilling, Chantilly, VA

Establish radiographic capabilities for concrete examination

Ruwais Fertilizer Industries, Abu Dhabi

NDT procedures for Radiography

Continental Airlines

Audit NDT certification program to determine status and recommend updates.

Temperform Corp.

Training and certification in Liquid Penetrant Testing

Delfasco Forge, Hurst, Texas

Auditing, Training and Level III CARE.

AlfaTest Marine Ultrasonic Services HB

Establish NDT program to provide Ultrasonic thickness measurement services to the marine industry.

Alpart Aluminum Mandeville, Jamaica

Provide 40 hours training in Ultrasonic testing.

Provide UT Level II, Weld Examination training.

Provided MT training

Scanunit AB, Helsingborg, Sweden

NDT Administration program, Training in MT. Consulting on website.

Act as "Outside Agency" providing Level III services on a contract basis.


Seven day ET course conducted in cooperation with CSM Materialteknik.

CSM Materialteknik AB, Linköping, Sweden, www.csm.se

Ongoing project to provide consulting services in the areas of NDT sales and marketing, revision, development and production of NDT training materials, technology transfer, and translation services.

Aircraft Accessories and Components Co. Saudi Arabia. www.aacc.com.sa

In association with CSM Materialteknik AB conducted UT and ET training, performed NDT system audit, implemented NDT QC program, recommended changes to increase reliability and effectiveness of NDT System and provided skills upgrade training.

Act as "Outside Agency" providing Level III services on a contract basis.

General Electric

Custom manufactured MT unit.

CDS, Chantilly, VA

Established RT facility, Acted as RSO.

Volvo Aero Corporation Trollhättan, Sweden

Provide support during the installation of new ultrasonic equipment and assisted in the writing and translation of UT procedures.

International Scientific Research and Testing, Pocatello, Idaho

NDT procedures.

Act as "Outside Agency" providing Level III services on a contract basis.

Raytheon Aerospace Company Support Services, Corpus Christi, Texas

Provided NDT personnel qualification services.

H. A. Husseini & Partners Trading & Inspection Co. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Established and implemented NDT personnel qualification and certification program. Established and implemented an NDT training program for Saudi nationals in support of HAINSCO's Saudiization program. Trained more than 50 Saudi nationals to perform NDT.

2005 - Train the Trainer Program, upgrade training program.

North Texas Turbines, Dallas, Texas

Established and implemented NDT personnel qualification and certification program and trained personnel to perform MT, PT and ET.

Act as "Outside Agency" providing Level III services on a contract basis.

National Technical Systems, Sacramento, CA

(Now Martin Testing Labs) www.martintesting.com

Assisted in the establishment of radiographic techniques applicable to specific products.

Established radiographic film processing quality system.

Holdrege & Kull, Nevada City, CA

Established and implemented NDT personnel qualification and certification program and trained personnel to perform PT.

Sonix, Springfield, VA

Provided informative UT training to sales staff.