NDT Terms and Conditions - International

Effective January 1, 2010

Terms and Conditions/Fee Schedule – International

ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE.  Failure of payment to be deposited in our account by the agreed upon date will result in cancellation of the contract for cause.

Level III Services - US$1000.00/8 hour day

Minimum Charges - 5 days

Travel Time - US$75.00 for every 8 of 24 hours

Courses - US$4800.00 per course plus classroom materials (3 sets of materials included at no additional charge).  Unless otherwise agreed, client must furnish NDT equipment.

Auto Mileage - US$0.75/mile

Meals and incidentals – US Government established MIE (meals and incidentals expense) rate for service area.

Airfare/Lodging/Rental Car/Copy Services/other – Cost + 10% Administrative Fee (administrative charge is not applicable if client provides the above).

Time and charges begin at the office of NDT-CGI or the home location of the contracted NDT Level III.

Pricing for volume work or negotiated fee for services available upon request.

Research time, travel time, report or procedure writing charged at standard hourly rate.

Materials purchased on behalf of the client will be charged to the client at costs plus 10%.

Expenses will be estimated and SHALL be paid in advance with the negotiated fee.  Expense funds exceeding the payment will be refunded not later than 30 days after closing of the expense account.

Items purchased for resale will be billed at retail price plus 10%.

For questions concerning these terms and conditions, please contact us.