NDT Training Services by NDT Consulting Group Inc. Level III Instructors

Visual Testing Course Outline

The following is an example of the topics taught for Visual Testing. All courses can be, and usually are, modified to meet client needs.

  • Definition of visual testing

  • Overview and history of VT

  • Definitions

  • Fundamentals

  • Gages, micrometers, and Aids to VT

  • The eye and physical limitations, required visual acuity exams

  • Lighting, Fundamentals of light, Lighting measurements, Recommended lighting levels, Lighting techniques for inspection

  • Principles, methods, & applications of lighting

  • Physiological Factors affecting inspection

  • Perception - how and what we see and interpret

  • Surface conditions, material attributes

  • Equipment for VT

  • Remote visual devices

  • Methodologies and Procedures for VT inspection prior to other NDT methods

  • Degradation mechanisms in process plants

  • Inspection of insulated systems

  • Inspection of hydro or pneumatic tests

  • Inspection for environmental damage

  • Inspection of welds

  • Acceptance/Rejection Criteria

  • Recording and reports