NDT Training Services by NDT Consulting Group Inc. Level III Instructors

NDT Training

NDT-CGI NDT Training courses have been developed to increase the participant’s knowledge of the NDT methods and techniques and their abilities to perform the technique. Courses exceed the requirements of SNT-TC1A, ANSI/ASNT CP-189, NAS 410 (MIL-STD 410) and ISO 9712. All topics in the body of knowledge outlined in the above standards, plus additional topics as necessary to meet your requirements, are addressed. Our courses are task based so that the students not only learn the theoretical aspects of the method but also how to perform the tasks associated with the method. They will be able to DO upon completion of the course. In addition to our standard courses, we have written courses tailored specifically to meet the needs of the client.

It has long been recognized that the effective application of NDT methods depends on the knowledge and skills of the person applying the method. Effective training provides knowledge of the technical principles and the skills required to properly apply the NDT processes.

Courses are presented by instructors possessing both ASNT Level III Certification in the method being instructed and training in instructional methods.

Course length is determined by the requirements of the specified documents. Generally, the surface methods, PT, MT, and VT require around twenty hours for certification to Level II (some specifications require thirty-two hours for PT or MT), while the methods used to investigate the interior of an object, RT and UT, require 40 hours for Level I and an additional 40 hours for Level II.

All courses are presented using PowerPoint presentations with a multimedia projector and a whiteboard for clarification. Course materials for up to six students are included in the fee. Additional sets of classroom materials are $89.00 per student. Each student receives their own handout of course training materials and a textbook if one is used for the course. Quizzes are given throughout the course to measure the student's comprehension and areas of weaknesses are addressed. Courses are generally limited to eight students to ensure adequate one-on-one time during the practical portion of the course. Course completion exams are given to ensure that the student has achieved the course objectives. Course completion certificates are issued upon successful completion of the course. A "task" checklist is used to ensure that each student can perform the required tasks.

At the conclusion of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate their understanding of the body of knowledge of the NDT method;

  • explain the scope and limitations of the method;

  • select the appropriate equipment and accessories for the employer’s applications;

  • select the proper procedure;

  • select the proper calibration standards;

  • calibrate the equipment;

  • apply the method and;

  • interpret and report the result of the NDT.

Training can be conducted in your facility or NDT-CGI can arrange facilities. Courses can be scheduled at times convenient for you. It need not be 9 - 5!

Typical course outlines can be found below. Our courses can be and often are modified to meet your needs. For more information or a quote please submit an RFP by clicking here.